This list includes all eucalypt names, those taxa accepted in EUCLID and previously published names.

Eucalyptus walshii Rule see Notes under E. viridis
Eucalyptus wandoo Blakely subsp. wandoo
Eucalyptus wandoo subsp. pulverea Brooker & Hopper
Eucalyptus wardii Blakely Image of type specimen held at CANB= reputed hybrid E. globoidea × E. pilularis
Eucalyptus watsoniana F.Muell. subsp. watsoniana = Corymbia watsoniana subsp. watsoniana
Eucalyptus watsoniana subsp. capillata Brooker & A.R.Bean = Corymbia watsoniana subsp. capillata
Eucalyptus websteriana Maiden
Eucalyptus websteriana subsp. norsemanica L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill = E. websteriana
Eucalyptus westonii Maiden & Blakely Image of type specimen held at CANB= reputed hybrid E. goniocalyx × E. mannifera
Eucalyptus wetarensis
L.D.Pryor Image of type specimen held at CANB(not in Australia)
Eucalyptus whitei Maiden & Blakely
Eucalyptus whittingehamei Landsb. = E. gunnii
Eucalyptus whittingehamensis Elwes & A.Henry = nom. nud. [nom. illeg.]
Eucalyptus wiburdii Blakely = E. eugenioides
Eucalyptus wilcoxii
Boland & Kleinig
Eucalyptus wilkinsoniana R.T.Baker = E. eugenioides
Eucalyptus wilkinsoniana var. crassifructa Blakely = E. eugenioides
Eucalyptus williamsiana L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Eucalyptus willisii Ladiges, Humphries & Brooker subsp. willisii
Eucalyptus willisii subsp. falciformis Newnham, Ladiges & Whiffin
Eucalyptus wimmerensis Rule = E. viridis
Eucalyptus woodsiana (F.M.Bailey) Brooker = Angophora woodsiana
Eucalyptus woodwardii Maiden
Eucalyptus woollsiana R.T.Baker = E. microcarpa
Eucalyptus woollsii F.Muell. = E. longifolia
Eucalyptus wubinensis L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill = ? E. obtusiflora
Eucalyptus wyolensis