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Bossiaea obcordata

Bossiaea obcordata (Vent.) Druce

Druce, G.C. (1917) Nomenclatural Notes: chiefly African and Australian. The Botanical Exchange Club and Society of the British Isles Report for 1916, Suppl. 2: 610
Nomenclatural Synonyms:

Platylobium obcordatum Vent. ;  Ventenat, E.P. in Ventenat, E.P. (1803), Jardin de la Malmaison ...: subt. 31

Lee, A.T. (1970) Taxonomic Notes on Platylobium, Bossiaea and Templetonia in New South Wales. Contributions from the New South Wales National Herbarium 4(3): 96-105 (97-98)