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Callerya australis

Callerya australis (Endl.) Schot

Schot, A.M. (1994) A revision of Callerya Endl. (including Padbruggea and Whitfordiodendron) (Papilionaceae: Millettieae). Blumea 39(1/2): 16, fig. 1f (map)
DISTRIBUTION:   New Guinea, Norfolk Island, Australia (Queensland).
Nomenclatural Synonyms:

Pterocarpus australis Endl. ;  Endlicher, S.L. (1833), Prodromus Florae Norfolkicae: 94

Millettia australis (Endl.) Benth. ;  Green, P.S. in Wilson, A.J.G. (Ed) (1994), Flora of Australia 49: 176-178, Fig. 43
Taxonomic Synonyms:

Millettia maideniana F.M.Bailey ;  Bailey, F.M. (1892) [Contributions to the Queensland Flora]. Botany Bulletin. Department of Agriculture, Queensland 5: 12