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Cristonia biloba

Cristonia biloba (Benth.) J.H.Ross

Ross, J.H. (2001) Two new endemic Australian genera in the Tribe Brongniartieae (Fabaceae) to accommodate two species formerly included in Templetonia R.Br.. Muelleria 15: 11
Nomenclatural Synonyms:

Bossiaea biloba Benth. ;  Bentham, G. in Endlicher, S.F.L., Fenzl, E. Bentham, G. & Schott, H.W. (1837), Enumeratio Plantarum ... Heugel: 36

Templetonia biloba (Benth.) Polhill ;  Polhill, R.M. in Heywood, V.H. (ed.) (1976) Botanical Systematics: 309
Taxonomic Synonyms:

Bossiaea biloba var. stenophylla Meisn. ;  Meissner, C.F. in Lehmann, J.G.C. in Lehmann, J.G.C. (Ed) (1845), Plantae Preissianae 1(1): 85