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Cullen tenax

Cullen tenax (Lindl.) J.W.Grimes

Grimes, J.W. (1996) Nomenclatural changes in Cullen (Fabaceae: Psoraleeae). Muelleria 9: 196
Nomenclatural Synonyms:

Psoralea tenax Lindl. ;  Lindley, J. in Mitchell, T.L. (1838), Three Expeditions into the interior of Eastern Australia 2: 9

Lotodes tenax (Lindl.) Kuntze ;  Kuntze, C.E.O. (1891), Revisio Generum Plantarum 1: 194

Grimes, J.W. (1997) A Revision of Cullen (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae). Australian Systematic Botany 10(4): 608
TYPE:   'Interior of New Holland', probably along the banks of the Darlin (holotype, CGE! isotype CGE!).