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Daviesia costata

Daviesia costata Cheel

Cheel, E. (1920) On a new species of Daviesia from Western Australia. Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Western Australia 6(1): 35
TYPE:   "This new plant was first collected at Queenswood, on the Preston Valley Railway, by Mr Max Koch in October, 1910; and bears the No. 2041."

Crisp, M.D. (1991) Contributions towards a revision of Daviesia Daviesia Smith (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). II. The D. latifolia group. Australian Systematic Botany 4(2): 252
LECTO:   "lecto, here chosen: Queenswood M.Koch x.1910 (NSW 34958, pro parte); isolecto: BM,BRI,CBG, G(2 sheets), MEL 77996-8, MO,NSW 34718-9 & 24958 (partly), US. Syn: 6 miles from Donnybrook, M. Koch, x.1912 (NSW 34717)."

Crisp, M.D. (1995) Contributions Toward a Revision of Daviesia (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). III. A Synopsis of the Genus. Australian Systematic Botany 8(6): 1183