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Daviesia debilior subsp. sinuans

Daviesia debilior subsp. sinuans Crisp

Crisp, M.D. (1982) Daviesia spiralis and D. debilior (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae), two new species occurring in the Wongan Hills, Western Australia.. Nuytsia 4(1): 14, fig. 2j-l.
TYPE:   "9 km from Wongan Hills town along road to Piawaning, 30°49'S, 116°39'E, 17 July 1980, M.D.Crisp 6518, fl., fr., spirit material, photos (holo: CBG; iso: AD, K, L, MEL, NSW, PERTH)."

Crisp, M.D. (1995) Contributions Toward a Revision of Daviesia (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). III. A Synopsis of the Genus. Australian Systematic Botany 8(6): 1185