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Daviesia rhombifolia

Daviesia rhombifolia Meisn.

Lehmann, J.G.C. (Ed) (1845), Plantae Preissianae 1(1): 56
TYPE:   "In arenosis sylvae districtus Sussex, d.17.Dec.1839, fructifera Herb. Preiss. No. 1145. et in glareosis prope fontem Ronauswell (Darling's-range) d.25. Apr. 1840. No. 1146. (Drummond n. 224.)"

Crisp, M.D. (1995) Contributions Toward a Revision of Daviesia (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). III. A Synopsis of the Genus. Australian Systematic Botany 8(6): 1230
LECTO:   Lecto (here chosen): Drummond 224 (BM); isolecto: G, K (3 sheets), MEL, OXF, P (2 sheets), W (2 sheets).