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Daviesia wyattiana

Daviesia wyattiana F.M.Bailey

Bailey, F.M. (1880) Remarks upon a few Queensland Plants. The Garden and The Field: A Journal of General Industries 6: 102
TYPE:   "... which I found about eighteen months ago growing among rocks at the Eight-mile Plain, a locality to the south of Brisbane."
COMMENT:   Also published by Bailey in J. & Proc. Roy. Soc. New South Wales 6 (Jul. 1881) 145.

Thompson, J. (1961) Papilionaceae. Flora of New South Wales 101(1): 32-42 (37)

Crisp, M.D. (1995) Contributions Toward a Revision of Daviesia (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). III. A Synopsis of the Genus. Australian Systematic Botany 8(6): 1245
LECTO:   Lecto (here chosen): Eight-mile Plain amongst rocks, F.M. Bailey s.n., Oct. 1878 (MEL 72493); isolecto: BM, BRI.