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Gastrolobium laytonii

Gastrolobium laytonii Jean White

Ewart, A.J., White, J.R. & Rees, B. (1910) Contributions to the Flora of Australia, No. 15. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 23(1): 111, pl. XXIII.
TYPE:   "Watheroo Rabbit fence, Max Kock, 1905, No. 1337."

Chandler, G.R., Crisp, M.D., Cayzer, L.W. & Bayer, R.J. (2002) Monograph of Gastrolobium (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). Australian Systematic Botany 15(5): 655-656, Fig. 65
TYPE:   holo: MEL 627584; iso: AD, E, PERTH (2 sheets), W.
COMMON NAME:   Kite-leaved Poison