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Glycine albicans

Glycine albicans Tindale & Craven

Tindale, M.D. & Craven, L.A. (1988) Three New Species of Glycine (Fabaceae: Phaseolae) from North-western Australia, with Notes on Aphicarpy in the Genus.. Australian Systematic Botany 1(4): 401, figs 1 (map) & 2
TYPE:   "Mitchell Plateau, near old Amax Camp site, 14°49'S., 125°50'E., Western Australia, erect [sub-]shrub to 60 cm with several stems from base, in low eucalypt forest on gravelly slope, C.R. Dunlop 6907 & M. Gallen, 24.iii.1987 (NSW). Isotypi: BRI, CANB, DNA, K, MO, PERTH."