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Glycine syndetika

Glycine syndetika B.E.Pfeil & Craven

Pfeil, B.E., Craven, L.A., Brown, A.H.D., Murray, B.G. & Doyle, J.J. (2006) Three new species of northern Australian Glycine (Fabaceae, Phaseolae), G. gracei, G. montis-douglas and G. syndetika. Australian Systematic Botany 19(3): 253-254
TYPE:   Australia: Queensland: 65 km S of the Georgetown-Mt Surprise turnoff, near Wy[a]ndotte property turnoff, Lat. 18 41'S, Long. 144 45'E, 29 July 1983, Grace, Brown & Hymowitz 143 (CANB, holo).