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Gompholobium minus

Gompholobium minus Sm.

Smith, J.E. (1805) Remarks on the generic Characters of the Decandrous Papilionaceous Plants of New Holland. Annals of Botany 1(3): 505
TYPE:   "Port Jackson"
COMMENT:   Also published by Smith in Trans. Linn. Soc. London 9 (1808) 251 with the type citation "near Port Jackson, N.S.W." Base name for Burtonia minor DC.

Thompson, J. (1961) Papilionaceae. Flora of New South Wales 101(1): 22-28 (25-26)
taxonomic Synonyms:

Gompholobium tetrathecoides Sieber ex DC. ;  Sieber, F.W. in Candolle, A.P. de (Ed) (1825), Prodromus 2: 106

Crisp, M.D. & Weston, P.H. in Stirton, C.H. (Ed) (1987), Advances in Legume Systematics 3: 65-130 (129)
UNDER:   Gompholobium hendersonii Paxton