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Hovea longipes

Hovea longipes Benth.

Bentham, G. in Endlicher, S.F.L., Fenzl, E. Bentham, G. & Schott, H.W. (1837), Enumeratio Plantarum ... Heugel: 37, adnot.
TYPE:   "... quas in Novae Hollandiae ... Huic speciei habitu similis est altera in collectione Baueriana servata, ita distinguenda: Hovea longipes, ..."

Thompson, I.R. (2001) Morphometric analysis and revision of eastern Australian Hovea (Brongniartieae - Fabaceae). Australian Systematic Botany 14(1)
taxonomic Synonyms:

Hovea leiocarpa Benth. ;  Bentham, G. in Mitchell, T.L. (1848), Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia: 289