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Hovea ramulosa

Hovea ramulosa A.Cunn. ex Lindl.

Lindley, J. (1843) Hovea racemulosa. Spikeletted Hovea. Edward's Botanical Register 29: 4, subt.
TYPE:   "it was found by Mr. Cunningham along the upper branches of the Brisbane River in Moreton Bay, in the year 1829."
COMMENT:   Base name for Hovea longifolia var. ramulosa (Lindley) Domin.

Ross, J.H. (1991) Notes on Hovea R.Br. (Fabaceae): 5. Muelleria 7(3): 358
LECTO:   "Upper branches of the Brisbane River Moreton Bay 1829", Cunningham 35 (CGE; Isolectotypes: BM, G, K).

Thompson, I.R. (2001) Morphometric analysis and revision of eastern Australian Hovea (Brongniartieae - Fabaceae). Australian Systematic Botany 14(1): 89
taxonomic Synonyms:

Hovea longifolia var. pannosa (A.Cunn. ex Hook.) Benth. ;  Bentham, G. (1864), Flora Australiensis 2: 173