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Jacksonia rhadinoclona

Jacksonia rhadinoclona F.Muell.

Mueller, F.H.J. von (1884), Systematic Census of Australian Plants: 34
TYPE:   (not cited). ["... undique argenteo-sericeam habeo a promontorio Cape Byron, ubi cl. Moore ..." (ref. F.Mueller, Fragm. 10 (1876) 37)].
COMMENT:   Validated by reference to the Fragm. 10 (Mar. 1876) 37 where the name is invalidly published as not accepted by the author at the time of publication as evidenced by his statement "Varietatem aliam aut speciem finitimam me sub nomine J. rhadinoclonae distributam" and his not indexing the name in the Index on p. 127.

Thompson, J. (1961) Papilionaceae. Flora of New South Wales 101(1): 28-30 (30)
UNDER:   Jacksonia stackhousii F.Muell.