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Kennedia glabrata

Kennedia glabrata Lindl.

Lindley, J. (1836) Kennedya glabrata. Smooth-leaved Kennedya. Edward's Botanical Register 22: 1838, pl. 1838
TYPE:   "A specimen of this very pretty greenhouse climber was communicated to me by Mr. Knight of the King's Road, in May, 1835. It is a New Holland plant, probably from the South coast. ..."
COMMENT:   Base name for Caulinia glabrata (Lindley) F.Muell.; Zichya glabrata (Lindley) Benth.

Threatened Species and Communities, Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia (1998), Schedules 1, 2 & 3 (24 February 1998). Endangered Species Protection Act 1992