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Kennedia macrophylla

Kennedia macrophylla Lindl.

Lindley, J. (1836) Kennedya macrophylla. Large-leaved Kennedya. Edward's Botanical Register 22: 1862, pl. 1862
TYPE:   "A beautiful greenhouse twining shrub, introduced by Sir James Stirling from the Swan River in New Holland. It was raised in the garden of Robert Mangles, Esq. at Sunning Hill, from whence specimens were received in the course of last summer."
COMMENT:   Base name for Caulinia macrophylla (Lindley) F.Muell.; Hardenbergia macrophylla (Lindley) Benth.

Threatened Species and Communities, Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia (1998), Schedules 1, 2 & 3 (24 February 1998). Endangered Species Protection Act 1992