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Leptosema aculeatum

Leptosema aculeatum Crisp

Crisp, M.D. (1987) Notes on Leptosema and Mirbelia (Leguminosae - Papilionoideae) in Central Australia. Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 10(1): 131-134, map 1
TYPE:   "Western Australia, c. 35 km W of Plumridge Lakes and 8.5 km WNW of Salt Creek airstrip, 29°34'S, 124°50'E, M.D. Crisp 5814, J.M. Taylor & R. Jackson, 14.ix.1979 (holotype: CBG; isotypes: AD, BISH, K, MEL, NSW, PERTH)."

Crisp, M.D. (1999) Revision of Leptosema (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). Australian Systematic Botany 12(1): 50, figs 27, 28 (map).