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Pultenaea tarik

Pultenaea tarik de Kok

Kok, R.P.J. de & West, J.G. (2004) A revision of the genus Pultenaea (Fabaceae) 3. The eastern species with recurved leaves. Australian Systematic Botany 17(3): 317-319, Figs 19, 20 (map)
TYPE:   New South Wales, Gibraltar Range National Park, c. 50 m W of Dandahra Falls, 19 Oct. 1993, Coveny 16682 (holo-, NSW; iso-, BRI, CANB).
DISTRIBUTION:   New South Wales
Taxonomic Synonyms:

Pultenaea sp. B ;  Weston, P.H. in Harden, G.J. (Ed) (1991), Flora of New South Wales 2: 488