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Pultenaea vestita

Pultenaea vestita R.Br.

Brown, R. in Aiton, W.T. (1811), Hortus Kewensis Edn. 2, 3: 19
TYPE:   "Nat. of South Coast of New Holland. Robert Brown, Esq."

Kok, R.P.J. de & West, J.G. (2003) A revision of the genus Pultenaea (Fabaceae) 2. Eastern Australian species with velutinous ovaries and incurved leaves. Australian Systematic Botany 16(2): 266, Fig. 14
LECTO:   South Australia, Port Lincoln [New Holland, Bay 10, 2nd anchorage], 26.ii.1802, Brown 5039 (lecto-, K; isolecto-, BM, CANB, K, NSW, NSW) here designated.
COMMENT:   incorrectly cited as "R.Br. ex Aiton"