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Zornia muelleriana

Zornia muelleriana Mohlenbr.

Mohlenbrock, R.H. (1961) A Monograph of the Leguminous Genus Zornia. Webbia; raccolta di scritti botanici 16: 131, figs. 36 (map), 89
TYPE:   "Australia: QUEENSLAND: ... Cook, Walsh, Millar s.n. (BRI, holotype)"

Reynolds, S.T. & Holland, A.E. (1989) The genus Zornia J.Gmelin (Leguminosae) in Australia. Austrobaileya 3(1): 20
LECTO:   "Queensland. COOK DISTRICT: Walsh, March 1891, T.Barclay Millar (lecto (designated here): BRI(AQ022928, excluding pieces of Z. muriculata indicated as such))"