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Family Key Blechnaceae Isoetaceae Oleandraceae Polypodiaceae Salviniaceae
Azollaceae Equisetaceae Marsileaceae Parkeriaceae Pteridaceae Thelypteridaceae

Aquatic pteridophytes of New Guinea

The following species are accepted as aquatics, either obligate or facultative, and are treated fully in the taxonomic part.

A checklist of Australian aquatic pteridophytes is provided for comparison.

Azollaceae Azolla pinnata
Blechnaceae Stenoclaena milnei
Stenoclaena palustris
Stenoclaena areolaris
Equisetaceae Equistum debile
Isoetaceae Isoetes frigida [ ined. ]
Isoetes habbemensis
Isoetes stevensii
Marsileaceae Marsilea crenata
Oleandraceae Nephrolepsis biserrata
Nephrolepsis radicans
Parkeriaceae Ceratopteris thalictroides
Polypodiaceae Microsorium brassii
Microsorium pteropus
Microsorium ? schneideri
(= Phymatosorus longissimus)
Pteridaceae Acrostichum aureum
Acrostichum speciosum
Salviniaceae Salvinia molesta
Thelypteridaceae Ampelopteris prolifera
Cyclosorus interruptus
Thelepteris confluens

These species cover a range of habit forms from totally submerged to free-floating, to bottom-rooted reophytes. Some species are restricted to a particular habit-type while others are more variable. The habits of the various species are as summarised:

Obligate submerged aquatics Isoetes frigida
Isoetes heabbemensis
Isoetes neoguineensis
Isoetes stevensii
Facultative submerged aquatics Ceratopteris thalichtroides
Marsilea crenata
Microsrium brassii
Microsorium pteropus
Obligate free-loating aquatics Azolla pinnata
Salvinia molesta
Facultative free floating aquatics Ceratopteris thalichtroides
Nearly always emergent aquatics Acrostichum aureum
Acrostichum speciosum
Marsilea crenata
Ceratopteris thalichtroides
Facultative emergent aquatics Ampelopteris prolifera
Cyclosorus interruptus
Stenochlaena milnei
Stenochlaena palustris
Thelypteris confluens
Often swamp or lake margin plants Acrostichum aureum
Ampelopteris prolifera
Cyclosorus interruptus
Microsorium ? schneideri
Nephrolepis biserrata
Nephrolepis radicns
Thelypteris confluens
Obligate rheophytes Equisetum debile
Microsorium brassii
Microsorium pteropus
Facultative rheophytes Stenochlaena palustris
Mangrove swamps Acrostichum aureum
Acrostichum speciosum

The following species, arranged alphabetically, are rheophytes, some obligate (indicated with "*", some facultative. Most are immersed for only short periods and are not considered as truly aquatic in this treatment:

Note: In spite of its name, Rheopteris is neither aquatic nor rheophytic. It is in fact an epiphyte, originally collected and described from material washed down a stream. It is an interesting if problematic genus and has been variusly plced in a range of families from Vittariacee to Adiantaceae; it does not sit comfortably in any of them.

Adiantaceae Adiantum diaphanum
Angiopteridaceae Angiopteris spp.
Aspleniaceae Asplenium acrobryum
Asplenium affine
Asplenium filipes
Asplenium regis
Asplenium scandens
Asplenium tenerum
Asplenium unilaterale
Diplora d’urvilliae
Diplora schizocarpa
Athyriaceae Athyrium minutum
Callipteris prolifera
Lunathyrium joponicum
Blechnaceae Blechnum borneense
(syn. B. deorsolobatum)
Blechnum vulcanicum
Blechnum spp.
Stenochlaena palustris
Woodwardia radicans
Dicksoniaceae Culcita javanica
Dipteridaceae Dipteris lobbiana
Equisetaceae Equisetum debile
- provided by B.S. Parris
- on boulders in stream beds, on downsteam side
Ctenopteris longiceps
Prosaptia contigua
Grammitis summatrana
Grammitis caespitosa
Grammitis subfasciata
Grammitis gramminifolia
Grammitis archboldii
Grammitis impressa
Grammitis scabristipes
Grammitis loculosa
Grammitis reinwardtii
Grammitis curtipila
Grammitis intromissa - clay river banks
Grammitis padangensis - rocky river banks
Hemionitidaceae Austrogramme asplenioides
Coniogramme spp.
- provided by B.S. Parris
Callistopteris spp.
Cephalaomanes atrovirens
Cephalomanes laciniatum
Cephalomanes spp.
Crepidomanes bipunctatum
Crepidomanes kurzii
Selenodesmium spp.
Vandenboschia maxima
Hypoderriaceae Dryopolystichum phaeostigma
Pleocnemia spp.
Stenosemia aurita
Tectaria menyanthidis
Tectaria trifida
Lindsaeaceae Lindsaea odorata
Sphenomeris chinensis
Sphenomeris retusa
Lomariopsidaceae Bolbitis heteroclita
Bolbitis quoyana
* Bolbitis rivularia
Elaphoglossum resiniferum
Marattiaceae Marattia grandifolia
Marattia spp.
Oleandraceae Nephrolepis spp.
Polypodiaceae Belvisia mucronata
Colysis sp. (Manus)
Lemmaphyllum accedens
Leptochilus decurrens
*Microsorium brassii
Microsorium linguaeforme
*Microsorium pteropus
Microsorium spp.
Loxogramme sp.
Pteridaceae Pteris ligulata
Pteris moluccana
Pteris vittata
Pteris warburghii
Selaginellaceae Selaginella spp.
Thelypteridaceae Christella subpubescens
Macrothelypteris gracilescens
Pneumatopteris escisa
Pneumatopteris keysseriana
Pneumatopteris sogerensis
Pronephrium beccarianum
??? Pronephrium menisciicarpon
Pronephrium micropinnatum
Pronephrium millarae
Pronephrium ramosii
Pronephrium rubrinerve
Sphaerostephanos acrostichoides
Sphaerostephanos aquatilis
* Sphaerostephanos cataractorum
??? Sphaerostephanos efogiensis
Sphaerostephanos hastaopinnatus
Sphaerostephanos invisus
Sphaerostephanos mutabilis
* Sphaerostephanos (Thelypteris riparia)
Sphaerostephanos trimetralis
Sphaerosterphanos warburghii
Vittariaceae Antrophym sp.
Vittaria sp.