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Ampelopteris Kunze

Large terrestrial or subaquatic ferns in swampy areas. Sterile fronds often of apparently indefinite apical growth, fertile fronds with a terminal pinna, both bearing proliferating buds along the rachis from which the roots and one or several new fronds may develop, the rhizome long-creeping, radially symmetric, dictyostelic, bearing broad-based, subpeltate scales with unicellular, superficial or marginal, glandular or acicular hairs. Fronds long-stipitate, 2 vascular bundles at the base of the stipe uniting upwards to form a single U-shaped vascular strand, the lamina pinnate, basal pinnae not reduced, midrib of pinnae grooved above, but the groove not confluent with the rachis groove, pinnae crenulate or subentire, simple or branched unicellular acicular hairs borne on upper surface of rachis and costae; veins in a pinnate group for each crenulation, nearly all anastomosing with the adjacent group to form a straight excurrent vein terminating in the sinus, few veins of each group free to margin. Sori exindusiate, slightly elongate on the distal parts of the veins; sporangia on a 2-seriate stalk bearing glandular hairs, protected by multicellular glandular paraphyses, annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of 14-19 thickened cells. Spores monolete, pale, with a folded, densely and irregularly spinulose perisporse

Species in Papuasia

A monotypic genus...A. prolifera