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Arthropteris J.Sm.

Small climbing epiphytes or subepiphytes. Rhizome wiry, long-creeping, bearing non-clathrate, peltate-based scales +/- solenostelic, the vascular bundles in 2 opposite, +/- reinform arcs, sometimes separated by a strand ofsclerenchyma. Fronds long-stipitate, the stipes articulate to long or short phyllopodia, with a single vascular bundle in a +/- "V"-shape, the lamina pinnate, the pinnae articulate to the rachis, the apical pinnae gradually reduced, the ultimate segment lobed and continuous with the rachis, or simlar to the lateral pinnae and articulate, +/- oblique, crenate or pinnatifid, basally asymmetric and often auricled acroscopically, chartaceous, with pluricellular hairs or glabresent, costate, veins free, simple or 1 - 2-forked, teriminating in submarginal hydathodes, a single vein groupd to each lobe. Sporangia arranged in discrete round sori, in a single medial or submarginal tow either side of the costa, terminal on the acroscopic branch of a vein, exindusiate or protected by a round-reniform indusium, paraphyses lacking, pedicel long, 3-seriate, annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of 10-13 thickened cells. Spore monolete, finely roughened, translucent.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Phyllopodia 1 - 3 mm long, stipes to c. 10 mm long; pinnae never lobed as much as half-way to the costa; veins once-forked; apex of frond a lobed lamina or pinna jointed at its base; pinnae readily disarticulating from the rachis
Phyllopodia and stipes much longer; pinnae of adult plants lobed at least half-way to costa; veins often forked more than once; apex of frond a triangular, deeply lobed lamina, not jointed to the rachis; pinnae imperfectly jointed to the rachis
2a. Sori nearer to the edge of the lamina than to the costa; indusiate with an eintire indusium; pinnae of adult plants 3 cm or more long, 8 mm wide
Sori c. half-way between edge of lamina and costa, exindusiate; pinnae of adult plants rarely over 2 cm x 5 - 6 mm; apex of frond always a deeply lobed triangular lamina
A. repens
3a. Apex of frond a pinna jointed to the rachis, or (more rarely) a few-lobed triangular lamina continuous with the rachis; fertile pinnae narrowed to the apex, edges distinctly sinuous
A. palisotii
Apex of frond a +/- narrow triangular lamina, lobed near its base only; fertile pinnae with slightly sinuous edges and a broadly rounded apex
A. caudata
4a. Pinnae lobed c. half-way to the costa; hairs on rachis and pinnae uniformly short
A. articulata
Pinnae lobed almost to costa; hairs 1 mm long on rachis and pinnae, also very abundant short hairs
A. wollastonii