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Austrogramme Fourn.

Erect terestrial ferns of small to moderate size, commonly on rocks by streams, (rarely epiphytes). Rhizome short-creeping to ascending, solenostelic, young parts protected by thin narrow bristles, roots many. Fronds in several rows, clustered, long-stipitate, the stipe with 2 parallel vascular strands throughtout, lamina simple and linear-oblong to obovate, to tripinnatifid and broadly ovate, the terminal leaflet in compound-fronded species triangular and not pinna-like, glabrous, herbaceous, margins entire to variously lobed, veins simple to several-times forked, free to variously anastomosing, the free veinlets not reaching the margins and terminating within a tooth or lobe (if present). Sporangia borne in sori variously elongate along the veins, exindusiate, mixed with variable, generally curved, uniseriate paraphyses, generally with several subterminal glandular cells, sometimes borne on the sporangia stalks, annulus longitudinal, interrupted of 16-20 thickened cells. Spores trilete, globose, thin-walled, smooth.

Species in Papuasia

A single species in PapuasiaA. asplenioides

Doubtfully the New Caledonian Austrogramme decipiens from New Ireland.