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Small, floating herbs, often forming a mat over still waters, rhizome fine, horizontal, branching alternately to the left and right, bearing small, close leaves and fine, simple roots, protostelic. Leaves +/- imbricate, alternate, bilobed, papillose. Sporangia borne in sporocarps, in the axils of the submerged lobes of the leaves, enclosed in a thin indusium, the sporocarps of 2 types, microsporocarp large, with several microsporangia each with many microspores, megasporocarp with a single megasporangium with a single megaspore; spores globose, trilete.


A mongeneric family with about 6 species, found throughout the tropical and temperate regions of the world. Azolla pinnata is the only, and possibly introduced species in Papuasia.


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Genera in Australia and Papuasia

A family of a single genus ... Azolla (1)


For convenience, some authors place both Azolla and Salvinia in the Salviniaceae, but there are substantial differences between the two families.

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