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Botrychium Sw.

Small to moderate-size, fleshy, terrestrial ferns. Rhizome short, fleshy, erect or creeping, siphonostelic, lacking scales or hairs, mostly bearing a single frond at a time, the frond subtended by a pair of fleshy stipule like outgrowths. Fronds stipitate, vernation not circinnate; sterile segment (tropophore) pinnate or 2 - 3-pinnatifid, thin or fleshy, veins free, once-or-twice-forked, the ultimate segments of the frond lacking a costule; the fertile segment stipitate, arising from the stipe or rachis of the tropophore, paniculate, with up to 3 or more orders of branching, the ultimate branches bearing 2 rows os sporangia on the adaxial surface, the tip sterile. Sporangia large, thick-walled, superficial, dehiscing by a transverse slit, the annulus lacking; exindusiate. Spores strilete, +/- smooth.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Fertile portion arising from the rachis of a sterile blade, +/- equal in length to the sterile portion
B. lanuginosum
Fertile portion arising from the stipe, below the sterile blade, the stalk of the fertile portion 1-2 times as long as the sterile blade
2a. Stalk of the fertile portion +/- equal to the sterile blade; upper pinnae linear-lanceolate or triangular, pinnatifid or dentate only
B. daucifolium
Stalk of the fertile portion at least twice as long as the sterile blade; upper pinnae ovate, deeply cut to the costa
B. australe