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Calymmodon Presl

Small, erect or pendulous epiphytes. Rhizome dictyostelic, erect or ascending with densely crowded fronds towards the apex and persistent appressed stipe bases and roots basally, scales basally attached, entire, +/- opaque brown. Fronds stipitate, the stipes not articulate to the rhizome, lamina linear or elongate, +/- tapered at both ends, deeply pinnatifid or pinnate with adnate contiguous or stalked pinnae, or merely toothed, each pinnae with a single medial vein, thin to thick and leathery, glabrescent or with simple unicellular hairs; veins simple, solitary in each segment, rarely forked, basal pinnae sterile, apical pinnae fertile. Sori solitary and subapical on each segment, the basiscopic margin of each fertile lobe folded towards the acroscopic margin and protecting the sorus, receptacle mostly slightly elongate, terminal or subterminal on the vein, exindusiate, parphyses lacking, sporangia on a uniseriate stalk, naked, annulus vertical, interrupted of c.12 thickened cells. Spores trilete.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Dark binate bristles present, veins forked
Dark solitary hairs present
C. conduplicatus
1c. Hairs pale, tawny or none
2a. Sterile lamina crenate-denate
C. grammitidiphyllus
Sterile lamina practically pinnate
C. kaniensis
3a. Fertile segment or p[innae fully adnate; fronds 3-6 mm wide
C. cucullatus
Fertile pinnae contracted towards the rachis; fronds under 2 mm wide
C. pergracillimus
3c. Fertile pinnae partly adnate or sessile
3d. Fertile pinnae narrowly stalked
4a. Sterile pinnae obliquely deltoid
C. atrichus
Sterile pinnae oblong
5a. Fronds think
Fronds thick but brittle
C. fragilis
6a. Fronds 2-4 mm wide
Fronds 7-10 mm wide
C. mnioides
7a. Frond lax, over 10 cm long
C. ramifer
Frond up to 3 cm long
C. congestus
8a. Rachis not winged
C. clavifer
Rachis winged
C. icthyorhachioides