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Cheiropleuria Presl

Erect terrestrial ferns of moderate size. Rhizome short creeping, densely covered with soft, pale brown, reddish, multiseptate hairs, protostelic with a large solid vascular strand. Fronds dimorphic, the fertile fronds narrower on longer stipes, the stipes not articulate to rhizome, glabrous, abaxially rounded, abaxially flattened and angled, a singled solid leaf trace dividing almost immediately into 2 strands then into 3 in a broad V-shape for the middle half of the stipe, then apically into 4 or more strands in a shallow arc; sterile lamina subcoriaceous, ovate to round, simple and entire or acutely bilobed with a broad apical sinus, the main veins dichotomous, +/- zig-zag, free and converging in the apex of the front or lobes, secondary lateral veins forming 2 large series of areoles between the main veins, each with secondary areoles with included, simple or branched, free veinlets; fertile lamina simple, narrow -elliptic, with 2-3 apically converging main veins. Sporangia acrostichoid, densely covering the entire fertile surface, borne on a secondary vascular reticulum closer to the surface than the vegetative system, exindusiate, filiform clavate paraphyses present; annulus slightly oblique, of c.18 thickened cells and several unthickened cells past the pedicel. Spores trilete, tetrahedral, (sometimes monolete), smooth translucent.

Species in Papuasia

A monotypic genus...C. bicuspis