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Chingia Holtt.

Terrestrial ferns of moderate to large size. Rhizome a massive erect, radially symmetric caudex, sometimes to 60 cm or more tall, dictyostelic, bearing +/- persistent, long, narrow, ridig, setiferous, basally attached scales, in some species grading to terete, spine-like scales on the stipe and sometimes the rachis. Fronds long-stipitate, the stipe with 2 vascular bundles at the base uniting upward into a single U-shaped vascular strand, lamina mostly firm or rigid, pinnate with crenate to deeply pinnately lobed pinnae, basal pinnae not reduced, erophores at base of pinnae not enlarged, margins entire, midribs of pinnae grooved above, but the grooves not confluent with rachis groove, both surfaces variously with unicellular acicular and capitate hairs and/or small sessile glands, veins numerous in a pinnate group in each pinna-lobe, basal 1-3 pairs of veinlets of each grup anastomosing to form an excurrent vein terminating in the sinus membrane, the next pair terminating either side of the sinus membrane, remaining veinlets simple, free, oblique, terminating in the magin above the sinus membrane. Sori round, exindusiate or with a very small indusium, basal on each vein and near the costule except the lowest 1-2 pairs which may be divergent; sporangia on a 2-seriate stalk, with short capitate hairs or sessile glands either side of the annulus in some species, rarely setate, the annulus longitudinal interrupted. Spores monolete, nearly black, with minute papillae or wings.

Key modified ex Holttum 1981, F1. Males. ser. 2, 1:389 and 1977, Allertonia 1:199.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Abaxial surface of rachis bearing slender, terete, spine-like scales 2
Abaxial surface of rachis of most species lacking scales, scales present at base of stipe only; scales if present in this position mostly flat 6
2a. Sori all elongate; veins not prominent on lower surface C. muricata
At most basal sori elongate; veins rather thick and prominent beneath 3
3a. Pinnae lobed 3/4 or more deeply; veins 20 pairs or more; abaxial surface with spherical glands and acicular hairs C. longissima
Pinna lobed 1/4 to 3/5; veins 12-16 pairs; abaxial surface lacking spherical glands (sometimes glandular hairs), only aciular hairs 4
4a. Terete scales on rachis pale C. malodora
Terete scales on rachis dark 5
5a. Pinnae not over 3 cm wide, lobed 1/4-2/5; basal sori only divergent but not elongate C. ferox
Pinnae to 3.5 cm or more wide, lboed 2/5 to 3/5, basal 2-3 pairs of sori divergent and the lowest elongate C. imponens
6a. Rachis bearing slender terete scales on adaxial surface; veins 12-14 pairs C. bewaniensis
Rachis lacking scales on adaxial surface or such scales flat; veins 8 pairs C. supraspinigera