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Christensenia Maxon

Moderate size terrestrial ferns. Rhizome fleshy, short-creeping, dorsiventral, vascular bundles in a complex polycyclic dictyostele, bearing +/- deciduous flat scales. Fronds erect, stipes fleshy, terete, with an enlarged base (pulvinus), subtended by 2 large stipule-like growths that may remain on the rhizome after the frond has fallen, lamina glabresent, thick and fleshy, palmate with 3-5 leaflets, a large medial leaflet and 2 slightly smaller lateral leaflets that may bear a single basiscopic leaflet, segments costate, margins entire or with shallow irregular teeth; main lateral veins distinct, with glandular hairs, secondary veins immersed in the lamina, fine, not visible, reticulate with occasional free included veinlets. Sori +/- regularly arranged in 2( -3) rows between each pair of main lateral veins; sporangia large, thick-walled, fused in a radial, torose, 8 - 10-locular synangium, each locule dehiscing by a longitudinal slit towards the centre of the synangium; exindusiate, paraphyses absent. Spores monolete, densely finely echinate.

Species in Papuasia

A monotypic genus...C. aesculifolia