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Cibotium Kaulf.

Terrestrial, medium-size to large, sometimes arborescent. Rhizome stout, erect, ascending or prostrate, bearing a radial tuft of fronds at its apex, dictyostelic, the young parts and bases of stipes densely covered with long slender hairs, fronds long-stipitate, the stipe smooth, with a continuous pneumathode, hairy, with 3 arcuate, continuous or interrupted vascular strands concave internally, the 2 adaxial strands within the abaxial strand, uniting upwards to form a single "U"-shaped vascular strand, the lamina bipinnate-pinnatifid with the basal pinnae not gradually reduced, the pinnules deeply lobed, the lobes with serrate margins, the axes +/- raised, +/- hairy, the veins in the ultimate segments pinnately arranged with a prominent costule, free, simple or forked in each tooth. Sori submarginal, terminal on simple veins, the receptable raised and elongate obliquely across the vein, protected by an inner and outer indusium of differing texture to the supporting lamina, the outer indusium slightly larger, deflexed and surrounding the receptacle, the inner indusium bending back towards the costule, both indusia united briefly at the base forming a small cup around the receptacle; sporangia maturing basipetally, stalked, the annulus complete and oblique, stomium lateral, paraphyses numerous, simple, multiseptate. Spores trilete, with a few stongly raised ridges on the distal surface.

Species in Papuasia

A single species in Papuasia... C. barometz