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Coniogramme Fee

Erect terrestrial ferns of moderate to large size. Rhizome stout, short-creeping to erect, solenostelic or dictyostelic, the young parts covered with narrow, entire, basally attached scales. Fronds long-stipitate, the stipes naked, adaxially grooved, with a single "U"-shaped vascular strand, the lamina simply pinnate to bipinnate, or tripinnate basally, the apaical leaflets of the lamina or pinnae similar to the lateral leaflets, axes adaxially grooved, the grooves open to admit those of a higher order, the leaflets oblong with adaxially grooved costae, herbaceous to subcoriaceous, margins cartilagineous, entire to finely serrate, the veins free, simple or forked, rarely anastomosing near the costa without free included veinlets, ending in elongate hydathodes, each hydathode in the tooth of the serrulate species. Sporangia in elongate sori along the veins or the free parts of the veins, distinctly intramarginal, exindusiate, small paraphyses present, annulus longitudinal interrupted of 14-18 thickened cells. Spores trilete, smooth and pale, sometimes monolete.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Frond pinnate for the most part, sometimes bipinnate basally, the pinnae entire, chartaceous, mostly larger than 20 x 5cm... C. macrophylla
Frond bipinnate fro the most part, tripinnate basally, the pinnae serrultate, herbaceous, to c 10 x 3 cm... C. intermedia