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Key ex Copeland 1949, Philip. J. Sci. 77:408

Species in Papuasia

1a. Frond tripinnatifid or more compound 2
Frond bipinnate, stipe brown C. habbemensis
1c. Frond hardly bipinnate, stipe black C. sagnioides
2a. Lowest pair of pinnae much enlarged C. dissecta
Lower pinnae all similar 3
3a. Stipe sparsely hairy 4
Stipe densely steose and scaly 5
4a. Lamina over 40 cm long C. hypolepioides
Lamina under 15 cm long C. alpina
5a. Sori dorsal on veinlets 6
Sori terminal on veinlets C. pulchra
6a. Frond tipinnate (also sp. Nov) C. vilis
Frond 5-pinnatifid C. speciosissima