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Ctenopteris Bl.

Small to medium size, erect or pendulous epiphytes. Rhizome dictyostelic, erect to short-creeping with crowded fronds, or elongate with remote fronds, scales basally attached, entire or ciliate, opaque brown. Fronds stipitate, articulate to the rhizome or not, lamina elongate, +/- tapered at both ends, pinnatifid to pinnate with adnate contiguous pinnae, each pinnae with a distinct costa, or bipinnatifid to bipinnate, rarely tripinnatifid, thin and translucent to thick and leathery, with moderately dense or sparse unicellular hairs, or glabrescent; veins simple, rarely forked, pinnately arranged about the costule, or a single vein in each segment when fronds finely divided. Sori in a single row either side of the costule, or solitary and supbapical on each segment when fronds finely divided, the receptacle +/- elongate, terminal on a vein or the vein passing through it, superficial or immersed in the lamina, exindusiate, parphyses lacking, sporangia on a uniseriate stalk, sometimes setulose, annulus vertical, interrupted of 14-18 thickened cells. Spores trilete.

Sect. Ctenopteris: fronds pinnatifid to pinnate, close; veins mostly simple, pinnately arranged about the costule in each lamina segment; sori in a single row either side of the costule.

Sect.......: fronds finely divided, bipinnatifid or more dissected, remote or +/- widely saced; veins simple or forked, a single vein in each ultimate segment; sori solitary and +/- subapical on the ultimate segments.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Pinnae or segments entire or crenate 2
Pinnae deeply lobed, or fronds more dissected 38
2a. Fronds thin or soft and fleshly, hairy 3
Fronds +/- coriaceous 7
3a. Fronds lobed or pinnatifid 4
Fronds fully pinnate 5
4a. Fronds under 1 cm wide C. bolobensis
Fronds 2.5 - 6 cm wide C. geluensis
5a. Pinnae broadly linear Polypodium pensile
Pinnae obliquely oblong 6
6a. Pinnae acute C. belensis
Pinnae rounded C. micropaleata
7a. Sori superficial 8
Sori impressed or immersed in lamina 26
8a. Palae not described, presumably none or inconspicuous Polypodium pensile
Palae entire 9
8c. Palae ciliate 21
9a. Fronds under 1 cm wide 10
Pinnae more than 5 mm long 11
10a. Pinnae linear Polypodium macgregorii
Segments oblong or roundish C. pycnophylla
11a. Rigidly coriaceous, pinnae denate 12
Less rigid, pinnae mostly entire 15
12a. Fronds deeply pinnatifid C. dentata
Fronds pinnate or nearly so 13
13a. Pinnae decurrent 14
Pinnae dilated rather than decurrent C. solida
14a. Pinnae oblong C. undosa
Pinnae lanceolate C. bolanica
15a. Veinlets simple 16
Veinlets forked 20
16a. Reduced basal pinnae many C. integripaleata
Reduced basal pinnae few 17
17a. Lower pinnae abruptly reduced C. curtisii
Lower pinnae gradually reduced 18
18a. Frond at least 30 cm long C. ctenoideum
Frond small 19
19a. Frond caudate C. longiceps
Frond not caudate C. inconspicua
20a. Segments acute C schizophlebia
Segments obtuse C. clemensiae
21a. Pinnae standing flat 22
Pinnae folded upward, back to back C. fusca
22a. Pinnae narrowly linear, acute, ascending C. rawlinsonensis
Pinnae linear, acute, asending C. rawlinsonensis
22c. Pinnae broader, obtuse 23
23a. Axes moderately hairy or glabrescent 24
Axes sensely hairy C. whartoniana
24a. Pinnae remote, confluent C. pendens
Pinnae closer, not confluent C. nutans
24c. Pinnae contiguous, narrowly confluent 25
25a. Stipe short, naked C. rhodocarpa
Stipe setose C. pubipes
26a. Palae entire 27
Palae ciliate 29
27a. Sori oblong, parallel to costs C. blechnoides
Sori round, oblique 28
28a. Pinnae entire C. flagelliforme
Pinnae cenate C. repandula
29a. Frond 1.3 cm wide Polypodium cryptosorum
Frond wider 30
30a. Sori not conspicuously oblique 31
Sori oblique to costa 36
31a. Rim of soral pits low 32
Rim high, very conspicuous 34
32a. Sori medial 33
Sori subcostal Polypodium rachisorum


Costa glabrescent C. celebica
Costa binate bristly C. stellatosetosa
34a. Pinnae confluent C. ledermannii
Pinnae not confluent 35
35a. Sori round C. brassii
Sori oblong C. venulosoides
36a. Rim of soral pit not raised C. shawii
Rim of soral pit moderately raised 37
36c. Rim of soral pit very conspicuous C. circumvallata
37a. Frond 4-6 cm wide C. obliquata
Frond c 8 cm wide C. multicaudata
38a. Pinnae mostly uncut on basiscopic side C. subsecundodissecta
Pinnae cut on both sides 39
39a. Pinnae merely toothed 40
Pinnae pinnatifid or pinnate 41
40a. Fronds clustered C. congregatifolia
Fronds remote C. allocata
41a. Rachis firm 42
Rachis weak and flexuose 46
42a. Veins of primary pinnae simple 43
Secondary costae pinnate C. millefolia
43a. Sori basal on pinnules 44
Sori distal on pinnules 45
44a. Rachis densely red-hairy C. eximia
Hairs less dense and less red C. tenuisecta
45a. Pinnules naked C. taxodioides
Few long setae present C. yoderi
46a. Secondary axes evidently winged 47
Secondary axes barely winged C. bipinnata
47a. Lamina glabrescent C. sesquipinnata
Lamina hairy 48
48a. Axes moderately hairy C. bipinnatifida
Axes densely hairy C. polytricha