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Cystodium J.Sm.

Terrestrial ferns of moderate size. Rhizome a stout caudex, radially symmetric, prostrate to erect but generally not arborescent, dictyostelic, young parts generally covered with long, fine golden hairs. Fronds long stalked, the stipe with 2 arcuate vascular bundles concave laterally, each with a short cross branch on the abaxial end and 2 separate smaller adaxial bundles uniting upwards to form 2 lateral strands with a simple branch at each end, below the basal pinnae the two arcs uniting to form a single X-shaped strand, then separating to form an dorsiventral pair of strands, still with the simple branches at each end, rachises and stipe adaxially grooved and ridged, not continuous or open to admit the grooves of the higher order axes, lamina bipinnate, basally truncate, catadromous, slightly dimorphic, the fertile pinnules narrower with larger teeth protecting the sori; veins in pinnles pinnately arranged with a prominent costule, free, simple or forked. Sori submarginal, terminal on the veins, receptacle short, slightly raised,

Protected by a reflexed lobe of the lamina (outer or false indusium) and a thinner, smaller, cupped inner indusium attached at the base of the receptacle; sporangia maturing basipetally, long-stalked, annulus slightly oblique to almost longitudinal and interrupted by the pedicel; paraphyses numerous, simple, multiseptate, with no apical glandular cell. Spores trilete, granular.

Species in Papuasia

A genus of a single species...C. sorbifolium

Subspecies in Papuasia

1a. Pinna rachis, costules and sometimes veins with firm, pale bristles beneath Ssp. Sorbifolium
Pinna rachis, costules and veins naked beneath Ssp. "solomonensis"