Davallodes Copel.

Moderate-sized epiphytes. Rhizome long-creeping bearing roots on short lateral branches at the base of the fronds, densely covered with dark, apically attenuate, pale0-margined, non-clathrate, peltate-based scales, fleshy, generally lacking sclerenchyma, dictyostelic, the stele with a strong to moderate dorsiventral constriction, 2 meristeles larger and more elongate, the remained (leaf-traces) in 2 lateral arcs of 3. Fronds long-stipitate or moderately so, the stipes articulate the short phyllopodia, remote, bearing short pluricellular hairs, flat or grooved above, the groove continuous with the rachis and pinna-rachis grooves, fibrovascular bundles 3 in a V-shape with the 2 adaxial bundles larger, the lamina ovate or lanceolate, +/- narrowed at the base, bipinnate-pinnatifid or bipinnat-bipinnatifid, the pinna-rachis narrowly winged, pinnules subopposite, the basal basiscopic pinnules nearer to the rachis than the acroscopic pinnules (catadromous), the ultimate segmetns thin herbaceous, veins free, simple or once-forked, terminating in an intramarginal hydathode, both surfaces of the frond, the axes and sometimes the lamina bearing short pluricellular, simple or branched, glandular or non-glandular hairs. Sporanagia borne in small discrete sori terminal on the acroscopic branch of a vein, the branch so-reduced that the sorus appears dorsal on the other vein, indusium extrorse, reinform, ovate or semicircular, attacheed by the base only or at the sides and pouch-shaped; paraphyses absent, annulus longitudinal, interrupted of 12 thickened cells. Spores monolete, smooth to flat-tuberculate, translucent.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Indusium attached at the base only 2
Indusium distinctly pouch-shaped D. dolichosorum
2a. No hairs between veins on either surface D. novoguineense
Both surfaces +/- hairy between veins D. gymnocarpum