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Key ex Copeland 1949, Philip, J. Sci. 78:10.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Pinnae and pinnules not articulate 2
Pinnae and pinnules articulate D. galbrata
2a. Axes not aculeate 3
Major axes aculeate 8
3a. Veins setose 4
Veins naked on both surfaces 6
4a. Veins setose on both surfaces 5
Veins steose beneath, naked above D. magnifica
5a. Herbaceous D. penicillifera
Subcoriaceous D. concinna
6a. Rachises naked or glabrescent 7
Rachises pubescent D. flaccida
7a. Axes light brown D. cuneata
Axes dark D. shawii
8a. Frond tripinnatifid D. resinifera
Frond at least quadripinatifid 9
9a. Lowest pinnules not dwarfed 10
Lowest pinnules dwarfed D. scandens
10a. Herbaceous D. novoguineensis


11a. Ultimate segments acute D. moluccana
Ultimate segments rounded D. papuana