Kay ex Copeland 1949, Philip. J. Sci. 77:461 (as Athyrium)

Species in Papuasia

1a. Veins free 2
Veins anastomosing 35
2a. Frond tripinnatifid or more dissected 3

Frond bipinnate, not nearly tripinnate

2c. Pinnae pinnate at base, elsewhere subpinnate 25
2d. Pinnae deeply pinnatifid 26
2e. Pinnae incised or lobed 30
2f. Pinnae serrate A. pallidum
2g. Pinnate crenate, sinuate or entire 33
3a. Small ferns, mostly under 20 cm tall 4
Size moderate or large 5
4a. Palae and lamina brownish A. minutum
Entire plan blackish A. squamuligerum
5a. Size moderate to 60 cm tall 6
Large ferns 8
6a. Axes light brown 9
Axes dark brown A. scotinum
7a. Pinnae obtus to acute A. setiferum
Pinnae acuminate A. myerdreesii
8a. Fully tripinnate 9
Tripinnatifid 12
9a. Secondary pinnules incised 10
Secondary pinnules entire 11
10a. Sori enlongate A. huttonii
Sori short, basal A. decompositum
11a. Rachises furfuraceous A. latilobatum
Rachises naked except at nodes A. pedicellatum
12a. Sori short 13
Sori elongate 14
13a. Segments 4 mm wide A. woodwardioides
Segments 2-3 mm wide A. sylvaticum
14a. Indusium lacerate 15
Indusium entire 17
15a. Veins nearly all simple A. blumei

Forked veins not rare

16a. Pinnules 25 mm wide D. nymannii
Pinnules 15 mm wide D. schraderi
17a. Segments 12 x 3.6mm D. schlechteri
Segments 10 x 5mm D. schultzei
18a. Lamina think 19
Lamina firm 20
19a. Sori short A. setiferum
Sori elongate A. morobense
20a. Small fern, mostly under 20 cm tall A. squamuligerum
Much larger 21
21a. Pinnules cut 2/3 to costa D. opacifolium
Pinnules cut 1/3 - 1/2 to costa 22
21c. Pinnules more shallowly toothed 24
22a. Pinnules up to 6 cm long 23
Pinnules commonly 12 cm long A. davaoense
23a. Lamina over 50 cm long A. nitens
Lamina under 30 cm long A. morobense
24a. Pinnules over 10 cm long A. maximum
Pinnules 3-5 cm long A. cyatheifolium
25a. Palae of stipe elongate, short ciliate A . uncidens
Most palae reduced to tufts of hairs A. keysseri
26a. Stellate palae present 27
Stellate palae absent 28
27a. Indusium linear

A. protensum

Indusium wanting A. asterothrix
28a. Stipe and rachis dark 29
Axes stramineus or greenish Lunathyrium japonicum
29a. Pinnae c.2.5 cm wide A. sorzogonense
Pinnae c. 6 cm wide A. archboldii
30a. Pinnae subcordate


Pinnae truncate or cuneate at base 32
31a. Lacerate squamules present A. weinlandii
Lacerate squamules wanting A. crenatoserratum
32a. Sori elongate A. bulbiferum
Sori hore-shoe-shaped A. ledermannii
33a. Pinnae c. 1 cm wide 34
Pinnae much wider A. fraxinifolium (?=A. bantamense)
34a. Stipe and rachis stramineous A. flavoride
Stipe and rachis black, scaly A. fuliginosum
35a. Fronds bipinnate A. esculentum
Fronds pinnate or simple 36
36a. Base of pinnae cuneate 37
Frond usually simple, base cordate A. cordifolium
37a. Axes brown, naked A. fraxinifolium (?=A. bantamense)
Axes black, scaly A. cumingii

Diplazium merrillii = D. lomariaceum