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Dipteris Reinw.

Moderate to large, erect ground ferns. Rhizome moderately long-creeping, underground, woody, densely clothed in dark, coarse, wide-based bristles, scale-like when dry, solenostelic with a dense pith. Fronds very long stipitate, the stipes not articulate to the rhizome, glabrous, +/- terete.becoming adaxially flattened and grooved apically, with a single U-shaped vascular strand with incurved arms, towards the lamina breaking up into 2 then 4, or 3 then 4 strands, the lamina in 2 equal halves, twisted perpendicular to the stipe, +/- deeply incised between the veins or costae, margins entire or serrate, texture +/- rigid, glabrous or loosely ferrugineus-hairy beneath, often glaucous, the main lateral veins or costae flabellate, several times +/- equally dichotomously branched, lateral veins forming a single series of primary areoles, with included and submarginal areoles, with included free veinlets, or as regular cross-veins between the costae, with 2-3 orders of areoles with included free veinlets. Sporangia borne as discrete round sori at the union or minor veinlets, exindusiate, with filiform glandular paraphyses, annulus complete, oblique, of about 12 cells. Spores monolete, smooth, translucent.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Fronds deeply divided into linear lobes 5-10 mm wide, each lobe with a single costa; sori in a single row either side of the costa D. lobbiana
Fronds only moderately divided into lobes 2 cm or more wide, the lobes usually with several dichotomous veins; sori scattered over lower surface of frond 2
2a. Ultimate lobes acute, longer than wide, each half of the frond deeply incised several times D conjugata
Ultimate lobes broadly rounded, wider than long, each half of the frond unlobed or with 2-3 broad shallow lobes D. novoguineensis