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Doryopteris J. Sm.

Erect, small to medium-sized terrestrial ferns, often growing on rocks. Rhizome creeping and solenostelic, or more often compact with crowded fronds and dictyostelic, densely clothed in entire, dark-costate, basally attached scales with scariose margins. Fronds long-stipitate, the stipes and axes dark and polished, with a single "U"-or "V"-shaped vascular strand, the lamina rarely simple and entire, usually palmatifid or pedate, the lobes sometimes incised, basicopically enlarged, subcoriaceous, glabrous, the veins immersed and indistinct, free except in the sori, or anastomosing without free included veinlets. Sporangia in a +/- continuous submarginal coenosorus on a vascular commisure connecting the vein endings, protected by a reflexed, entire, scariose, marginal indusium (or pseudoindusium), usually with filamentous paraphyses; annulus longitudinal interrupted of 14-22 thickened cells, with a distinct wide stomium. Spores trilete, globose, smooth.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Frond trifid to the axis or nearly so; segments lobed and +/- rounded, c.5 mm wide... D. concolor
Frond cut to a broad wing; segments entire and tapering,c. 1 cm or more wide... D. papuana