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Gleichenia Sm.

Terrestrial ferns of moderate size with erect or scandent and thicket-forming fronds. Rhizome underground, long-creeping, dichotomously branched, a single frond at the base of each fork, protostelic, apex bearing peltate scales. Fronds unbranched when immature or in harsh environments at high altitudes, generally of indeterminate growth, with a permanently or periodically dormant apex producing a series of pairs of primary lateral branches along the rachis that may be pseudodichotomously divided in a similar manner; the ultimate branches determinate and bipinnatifid, the leaflets lobed almost to the costa, the lobes c. as long as wide, rounded, margin entire, the veins free, pinnately branched but with no obvious costule. Sori solitary on each lobe, attached to a small receptacle on the surface of the basal acroscopic vein, exindusiate, paraphyses small stellate hairs or long-fringed scales; sporangia 2-4(-5), large, sessile, annulus complete and oblique. Spores monolete and trilete, smooth and translucent.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Fully developed pinnule-lobes not deeply concave beneath (edges slightly revolute); tissue adjacent to costa not swollen; sporangia when young in a circular depression of lamina G. peltophora
Fully developed pinnule lobes deeply concave beneath, the distal edges strongly revolute; tissue adjacent to costa +/- swollen; sporangia not in a depression of lamina 2
2a. Costae persistently scaly; tissue adjacent to costae slightly swollen; sporangia often 3 G. vulcanica
Costae of fully developed fronds usually quite glabrous; tissue adjacent to costa much swollen; sporangia 2 G. dicarpa