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Helminthostachys Kaulf.

Medium-size, fleshy, terrestrial ferns. Rhizome short, fleshy, shortly creeping, siphonostelic, lacking scales or hairs, bearing a single fronds at a time, the fond subtended by a pair of fleshy stipule-like outgrowth. Frond stipitate, erect, vernation not circinnate, sterile segment (tropophore) tripartite with each branch +/- equal and +/- tripartite or pauciimparipinnate, spreading, margins +/- entire to irregularly serrulate, the segments thin, costate, lateral veins fine, close, oblique, free, 1 - 3-times forked; the fertile segment erect, stipitate, inserted at or near the base of the major sterile segments, spiciform with crowded short lateral branches, each with a few small sterile apical lobes. Sporangia large, thick-walled, superficial, crowded in groups of 3 - 6 on the branches of the fertile portion, dehiscing by a longitudinal slit, annulus absent, exindusiate. Spores trilete, densely papillose.

A monotypic genus...H. zeylanica