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Small climbing epiphytes. Rhizome long-creeping with spaced fronds and often dense fibrous roots, bearing ovate-lanceolate, peltate-based, clathrate scales, dictyostelic, with strands of schlerenchyma in the middle and cortex, the cortical strands on one side only. Fronds +/- erect, shortly stipitate to subsessile, the stipe winged almost to the base and articulate to the rhizome, with 2 fibro-vascular bundles, lamina simple, ovate to lanceolate, entire, herbaceous to subcoriaceous, with scattered peltate-clathrate scales (especially when young), glabrescent, costate, the veins immersed in the lamina and inconspicuous, anastomosing with several series of irregular areoles with included, free, simple or branched, mostly excurrent veinlets, often ending in a hydathode visible on the adaxial surface of the lamina; fertile fronds apically attenuate, and soriferous. Sporangia in discrete round sori in a single row either side of the costa, immersed or superficial, receptacle on a short, free excurrent veinlet arising from the outer margin of the first series of areoles, exindusiate, but protected by peltate, clathrate toothed scales, at least when young, annulus longitudinal, interrupted, of c. 14 thickened cells, pedicel long, 3-seriate. Spores monolete, finely wrinkled, translucent.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Fronds to c.7 cm long; sori discrete, round, unprotected by lamina in young fronds (L. accedens)... 2
Fronds 15 cm or longer; sori continuous elongate and intramarginal on +/- contracted apical portion of frond, protected when young by recurved margin of lamina gen., nov. (Lemmaphyllum novoguineesis)
2a. Fronds mostly 5-7 cm long, apices long attenuate with many pairs of sori L. accedens var. accedens
Fronds mostly 1-3 cm long, apices not attenuate, bearing few pairs of sori L. accedens var. damuense