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Leptopteris Presl

Terrestrial ferns of moderate size, arborescent. Rhizome erect, stout and woody, bearing a compact apical crown of fronds, dictyostelic, naked, the stipe bases persistent, swollen and bearing stiuplar wings, with +/- deciduous floccose haris, the stipe with a single "U"-shaped vascular bundle. Fronds lanceolate-elliptic, the basal pinnae slightly reduced, the apical pinna gradually so, bipinnate to tripinnate-pinnatifid, the pinna rachis winged with the membranous lamina, texture think and filmy, c. 1 cell thick, the veins free, simple or once-forked, each branch terminating in a tooth or lobe; the basal pinnules of the lateral pinnae fertile, not contracted. Sporangia not grouped into sori, in loose superficial clusters of 1 - 4 towards the base of the veins, large, +/- globose, on short, thick stalks, dehiscing from the annulus over the apex, the annulus a group of thickened cells to one side, exindusiate, paraphyses absent. Spores trilete, globose, green.

Species in Papuasia

A single species in PapuasiaL. alpina

Leptopteris laxa of the Solomon Islands and New Ireland is doubtfully distinct at the species level; it has +/- persistent long yellow hairs on the rachis and pinna-rachis, whereas those of L. alpina, if present, are reddish.