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Leucostegia Presl

Moderate-sized to large epiphytes or subepiphytes. Rhizome long-creeping bearing roots all over the surface, densely covered with brown, lanceolate, pale-margined, +/- ciliate, non-clathrate, basally attached scales, fleshy to +/- woody, solenostelic, with 2 lateral rows of long leaf-gaps and scattered vascular bundles in the centre, appearing dictyostelic, various strands of sclerenchyma surrounding the stele internally and externally. Fronds long-stipitate, the stipes articulate to short phyllopodia, remote, glabrous, +/- adaxially grooved, the grooves continuous with those of the higher order rachises, stramineus, glabrous, fibrovascular bundles 2, uniting upwards to form 1 of +/- U-shape, the lamina deltoid, 4 - 5-pinnate-pinnatifid, the pinnae and pinnules deltoid, ultiamte segments rhomid-obovate and bluntly toothed, the margin decurrent with the groove margins or wing, the basal acroscopic pinnules nearer to the rachis than the basiscopic pinnules (anadromous), subcoriaceous, glabrous, veins free, once- or twice-forked, terminating in submarginal hydathodes int eh marginal crenations. Sporanagia borne in discrete sori terminal on the veins, the sori submarginal, moderately large, impressed, indusium pale, +/- round, extrorse, attached by the base only or by the base and the lower half of the sides; paraphyses absent, pedicel very long, 3-seriate, annulus longitudinal, interrupted of c. 16 thickened cells. Spores monolete, closely tuberculate, translucent.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Indusia attached at the base only L. immersa
Indusia attached at the sides as well as the base, for c. half the length L. pallida