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Loxogramme Presl

Small to moderate-size epiphytes. Rhizome fleshy, short-creeping with crowded to +/- spaced fronds and a mass of hairy brown roots, dictyostelic, densely covered with basally attached, entire, clathrate scales. Fronds stipitate to subsessile, not articulated to the rhizome, simple, entire, elongate-oblanceolate or elongate-elliptic to linear, tapering at both ends, margins entire, lamina thick and leathery, glabrous; main lateral veins not distinct, the veins anastomosing to form a +/- regular series of areoles at an oblique angle to the midrib, with or mostly without, free, forked or simple, included veinlets. Sori as elongate coenosori, exindusiate, slightly impressed, or superficial, in a single row either side of the midrib, oblique to the costa between pairs of main lateral veins, generally overlapping, in contracted forms fusing end to end to form a single elongate sorus midway between the margin and the midrib for most of the length of the frond, the fertile portion sometimes slightly contracted, paraphyses may be present, sporangia on a uniseriate stalk, naked, the annulus v ertical, interrupted of 12-16 thickened cells. Spores trilete (? Rarely monolete).

Species in Papuasia

1a. Sori +/- continuous for most of the length of the frond, the fertile fronds slightly narrower and longer than the sterile L. paltonioides
Sori interrupted, elongate, either parallel to the midrib or oblique and parallel to each other, sometimes a mixture of both. 2
2a. Fronds c.5 mm wide L. subselliguea
Fronds 10 mm or more wide 3
3a. Fertile fronds 10-15 mm wide, sori +/- parallel to the costa ?sp. nov.
? l. paltonioides x subselliguea
Fertile fronds 2 cm or more wide 4
4a. Midrib not raised on the lower surface, strongly raised above. L. avenia
Midrib prominent on the lower surface, +/- flat above 5
5a. Rhizome +/- straight; midrib sharply keeled below L. scolopendrioides
Rhizome tightly curled; midrib biangular below L. parksii