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Lycopodium L.

Terrestrial or epiphytic, small to large size herbs. Stems erect, pendulous, creeping or scandent, rooted at the base or stolon-like and rooted at intervals, few-to-many-times- dichotomously branched or manopodial; protostelic, the xylem generally stellate or mixed with phloem (haplostelic), or plate-like (plectostelic); leaves small, numerous, simple with a single central vein, sessile, isomorphic, less often dimorphic, spirally arranged or decussate, vegetativley reproducing bulbils may replace apical leaves in some species. Sporophylls contracted or similar to the leaves and aggregated into fertile regions along the stem, or modified and arranged in compact strobili; sporangia solitary, axillary on sporophylls, reniform, bivalvate. Spores isomorphic, smooth to variously sculptured.