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Macrothelypteris (H.Ito) Ching

Terrestrial ferns of moderate to large size. Rhizome an erect or ascending caudex, not often creeping, radially symmetric, dictyostelic, bearing narrow, hair-tipped scales with +/- thickened bases, with marginal acicular hairs and superficial acicular and\or capitate hairs (such scales also present on stipe bases). Fronds long-stipitate, the stipes with 2 vascular bundles at the base uniting upwards to form a single U-shaped vascular strand, lamina bipinnate-tripinnatifid with adnate pinnules, the lowest pinnae little-reduced, margins entire, scales on rachis hair-tipped, often with a thickened, +/- terete base, sometimes with marginal hairs, sometimes replaced by slender septate hairs, lamina hairs slender and acicular, or short and capitate, or both, always with some long, multicellular hairs, midrib of pinnae not grooved above; veins free pinnate in lobes of pinnae, veinlets usually forked, not reaching the margin. Sori small, round, mostly with a minute but persistent indusium (often hidden by mature sorus), not terminal on the veins; sporangia on a 2-seriate stalk, usually with short, capitate hairs near the annulus, the annulus longitudinal, interrupted. Spores monolete, pale, with a +/- winged perispore, lacking conspicuous ornamentation.

Key modified ex Holttum 1981, F1. Males. ser. 2, 1:348.

Species in Papuasia

1a. Rachises and lower surfaces of axes of fronds lacking scales M. torresiana
Rachis, pinna-rachis, and axes of pinnules scaly on lower surface M. polypodioides